About US

Might Creations is a brand created by Mila, graphic designer and entrepreneur from Russia.

"During my life I traveled a lot and always dreamed of opening my own international business in which I can provide services to people from all over the world. And the dream became a reality when I learned that I could sell my art through the global network of print providers.

I wanted to create something that makes a difference, the designs, that reflect my own ideas and values. And today with my small team of graphics designers and artists, inspired by the current state of the world, we are happy to offer you our designs, printed in your region and shipped locally."

Our designs stand for Equality, Kindness, Tolerance and Unity. We’re sure it's wrong when you are judged based on your skin color, nationality, gender or religion. We know how it hurts when your feelings are inappropriate from society’s point of view. And our mission is to allow people to express their beliefs in a fashionable way, while spreading the word of empowerment across the world! Together, we can make a change.

Our creativity headquarter is located in far and cold Russian Siberia, but printed in the USA, EU, UK, Canada and Australia, and shipped to you locally.

Our leading collections are Feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, Kindness and Equality. All of our products are ungendered and size inclusive. We've added creativity, and in some cases fun, to make our products joyful for you and your loved ones.